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Giovanni Ortega (AEA, SAG-AFTRA, SDC) has been working professionally for over a decade. He believes in creating an accepting and inclusive relationship with artists and communities alike regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and class. 

In the past few years, he's teamed up with several organizations around the world to observe how the arts and culture are used to inform different populations on how we can decimate discrimination and enhance acceptance. As a core member of Theatre Without Borders, they have the distinct opportunity to work with communities and artists from across the globe to engage, investigate and create stories that usually go untold but are relevant and important to share with everyone. 

As a multidisciplinary artist, a public speaker in over one-hundred-forty college campuses and an international collaborator, these experiences have given Giovanni the opportunity to see the variety and diversity of what our society has to offer. This is what he continuously instills with the people that he interacts with in communities, organizations and academia.  


The Body Series - Solo Performance Workshop

East West Players, Los Angeles

Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity, Singapore

Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity, Singapore


This creative intensive is a venture for the artist to discover & experience full expression by integrating writing, storytelling, performance as well as various theatrical pedagogy.

WRITTEN ON MY BODY will lead participants in a 4-week written process from personal narrative, dramatic theory, thematic writing, script self-analysis as well as viewership to innovative solo productions. An interactive webinar will be held each week were artists are encouraged to develop their craft from the one-person performative lens, in addition to individual sessions with the instructor.

MAP OF MY BODY is a week long intensive that will lead the participants on a journey that includes the implementation of auto-dramatic exercises, various acting techniques (Strasberg, Meisner, Linklater), imagination meditation and adapting the written text into a performative structure.

To apply, please e-mail jcagalawan@eastwestplayers.org the following: - A statement outlining prior writing experience and why you'd like to take the intensive. - A description of what you will be working on. - A 1.5-2 page work sample, double spaced

Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity, Singapore

Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity, Singapore

Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity, Singapore



  • Session 1: Introduction | Imagination Meditation
  • Session 2: Creation of the Solo Performance
  • Session 3: Written Word’s Process
  • Session 4: Nurturing the personal narrative
  • Session 5: Autodrama presentation
  • Session 6: Embodied movement
  • Session 7: The Rehearsal
  • Session 8: Online Presentation


  • Artists will write their own solo-theatrical pieces to life with other artists through individual practice and online ensemble collaboration.
  • Learn about the rehearsal process as an actor’s practice that will engage the artist’s mind, body and rhetoric.
  • The course will present an online performance of their self-written work that will allow full self-expression for the performer.

Sign up at bit.ly/bodyseries



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