Author & Playwright

Giovanni received the most sought after author with the literary artist category during the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture Pahayag Project for his first book, Leaves from the Silverlake Barrio published by The Undeniables. A collection of his poetry was also published in Completely Mixed Up and Fugaz de la Piel Canela, Fleeting Cinnamon Skin is included in Where Is the Hope? An Anthology of Short Climate Change Plays published by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts. As a playwright, he wrote Criers for Hire, which became the highest grossing world premiere play for East West Players Theater. In 2011, Ortega wrote ALLOS, the story of Carlos Bulosan, which was also commissioned by East West Players. ALLOS has also been performed in Chicago, Honolulu, Austria, Uganda (Kampala Theatre Festival), Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Singapore. Additional Works: Tug of War, Wayne Kalani - A Soldier's Tale, Jonah,  Mutyang Kalayaan - Beloved Freedom, Tao Po: We Are Here, Lost in the Margins, El Pescador y La Lluvia and The Sea. 

Ang Gitano, The Gypsy - his second book was released in January, 2018.

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Ang Gitano - The Gypsy

A multilingual collection of prose and poetry about the longing one carries when they leave home and the nostalgia that follows upon their return. From the Philippines to Colombia and the Dominican Republic, from Australia to Singapore and eventually navigating the Deep South, it follows different characters in their journey of self-discovery and diasporic displacement. Published by Carayan Press.

Leaves from the Silverlake Barrio

A collection of short fiction that deals with the human existence seen from the viewpoints of different characters who come from varying environments that share a certain sense of grief, isolation and hope. Based on the experience of losing a mentor, Leaves is what came out of a year long grieving process for the author who used writing as a means to immortalize someone who passed away. In the process of creating the stories written in the book, other characters emerge that have also had to deal with grief whether it is the physical loss of someone, the death of a relationship or the complete isolation of a character's circumstance. Although the Silverlake Barrio is a metaphor of how each person finds themself planted momentarily in a specific environment, it becomes apparent that no matter how far one runs away from where they come from, home will always find a way to snake back into their lives. 

Published by The Undeniables.

Completely Mixed Up: Mixed Heritage Asian North American Writing & Art

An anthology fifteen years in the making, the project started in 2000, with a trilogy of 700 handmade chapbooks. Over the years, the project has been presented all throughout North America, most notably in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York. Seventy contributors offer over 150 works of visual art, writing, photography, and performance in this groundbreaking anthology, displaying creative expressions of what it means to be mixed race/mixed heritage Asian American and Canadian. 

Published by Rabbit Fool Press.

Where is the Hope? An Anthology of Climate Change Plays?

A collection of 50 short plays by writers from all over the world, commissioned for Climate Change Theatre Action 2017. A creative response to the question "How can we inspire people and turn the challenges of climate change into opportunities?" 

“Fugaz de la Piel Canela - Fleeting Cinnamon Skin, written by Giovanni Ortega is included in this anthology. 

Published by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts.

The Plays. Las Obras.

Words Out Loud